dear dr. laura:

i just started watching your show, thanks to my new roommate who enjoys and admires it, and i thought i'd write you for advice with my dilemna. starting at age 8 (and coincidentally when i switched schools from a catholic school to a public school, on account of a relocation/move), i have been jealous of big and strong (and hairy) athletic-type men. it all started with benny in 3rd grade, he was celebrated and popular with the other jocks and the girls - he was, in my eyes, an example of what i, as another boy, should be like. i was skinny and weak and i was not a good sportsman, and my jealousy manifested itself into a homosexual attraction. i was jealous of what he stood for, therefore there was a mystique about him - he was and i wasn't - so i looked with reverence at him. he attracted my attention. the fact that he was the same sex as me, well that justifies my homosexual attraction. he was and i wasn't. opposites attract, no? anyway, years went by and all throughout my school days i've held the same jealousy for the jocks. not being a jock myself, i felt outcasted from them and therefore never bonded with or received masculine justification from them. the 'real men,' if you will. i still hold that jealousy, i still am "gay," but unlike most gays who think that gender-identity is genetic rather than learned, i can justify my homosexual attraction through the lack of gender-identity i received as a boy. i am extremely angry at the gays of today who are teaching that sexuality is some kind of unexplainable taboo, who are flaunting their masculine and feminine insufficiencies in front of the camera for all the world to see and for all the kids to emulate, who are compromising the integrity of god's word to suit the many facets of id, who are turning the united states of america into one big, pardon my french, fuck-fest. i'm extremely angry at the gays of today for prioritizing the pleasure principle like a bunch of 6 year-olds, i'm angry when madonna tells my kind that we're the ones with the problems for not being able to free our minds to accept them when in effect gays are the ones who cannot free their minds to step outside their own gender, i'm sick and tired of the phrase "it's okay to be gay" and all the satanic manipulation that goes along with it. in effect, i have had it up to here with gays. and i'm angry.

so i did something about it. if you'd point your browser to ',' you'll see my website. "forever exposing the lies that are the backbone of the gay agenda" is my slogan. i'm fighting fire with fire, because fighting fire with conventional and non-aggressive christianity isn't and hasn't been working. i say a lot of nasty stuff in there, but it's all directed to the followers of satan's agenda. is this wrong? i insult, to put it politically, virtually everyone who is a clinton/gore supporter. i insult minorities for being predators for special rights, i insult gays for not being man enough to be their man, i insult feminists for being jealous, androgyny-monging complexes, i insult blacks for insisting on being called 'african-americans' while still calling us caucasions 'white'. is this wrong? i am an angry young man because of minorities' manipulatative agenda, and i can see right through it so i want to expose the ones who are buying into minorities' lies to all that i have learned.

is this wrong? fighting fire with fire in a time when fighting satan with christ is overwhelmingly mocked? a small sixteenth of me is apprehensive about keeping the website up and running, but the majority of me says to keep it going simply because the world has fallen so much into the fire. god may love us all, but that does not mean that he condones everything we do. gays want us to believe that god's unconditional love is unconditional acceptence. this is wrong. this is evil. this must be stopped, and i took the initiative to stop it...i guess i just need some advice. am i, in your words, "doing the right thing"?

the website is truly a work of art, 100+ pop song parodies, 2 original screenplays, 24 real videos, aol chats and gay commentary galore. 24 t-shirts and more. i put so much time into it, i am so proud of it, it's a major slap in the face to minorities who are living in their own clinton-backed pretend-realities, but i think it is a necessary evil.

what do you think?

check out my site, , unless you're there now