daniel: doc, i have a problem. i'm hot for men, but i want to marry this woman, i can't get her out of my mind. i wish i was hot for tits instead of dick.

doc: will your being hot for feminine images give you permission to date females? will your not being hot for feminine images prohibit you from falling in love and marrying a woman?

do you see other men as taboo, do you gawk at their nude bodies stupidly and without any real level of comprehension? will your dating a woman while being in utmost wonder of masculine images deem you, in the eyes of society, as "living in denial," and do you fear what people who can't separate themselves from lust will think of you?

you say it's wrong to marry her simply because she doesn't make you burn with lust. do you think love would never do without sex, do you think that sexual excitement cannot be born of love?

do you fear your curiosity of the masculine gender will one night get you running to the nearest gay bar to be with another man, do you fear having to explain that to your wife, having to work through the "for worse" part of your marriage vows?

these are your problems, daniel-son. not the dissent you show your libido.

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