one night, i decided to start equating "oppressed" minorities of today who are pretty much living in the past, to evil. i did internet searches on karl marx and on hitler and especially nazi germany. i didn't wanna read up on it, but i figured that at the very least, doing so would give me a better chance to reprise my role as the mc in cabaret if i ever wanted to try out for it again.

communism is the abolition of power of people over people. this means abolishing "oppression," whether the oppression be of nations by nations, classes by classes, women by men or any other division in society. communism is based on mutual cooperation, peace and justice instead of oppression.

there we go. isn't that what's happening in the usa today? with lesbian runt-groups like the national organization of women seeing to it that men are no longer seen as the leaders - putting runt-females in the drivers' seats in car commercials, and figuritively in the drivers' seats through lawsuits upon lawsuits? with gays suing, suing, suing the real world all to maintain their flaccid senses of "pride"...with niggers (no apologies here, especially to jesse jackoff whom i'd like to see drowned) doing the same to the white majority, etc? nigger-groups suing car companies for racism, merely for having a black man in a car with a gold tooth in his mouth. please let me kill ya'll.

guided by racist and authoritarian ideas, the nazis abolished basic freedoms and sought to create a "volk" community. in theory, a "volk" community united all social classes and regions of germany behind hitler.

you don't hear the term, 'racist,' much to describe minorities...even though their agendas are to elevate themselves and their chauvanistic causes until they are one with majority and until we are living in a volk society, devoid of gender-lines and racial-lines and what-not. we have matthew shepard's mom and coalitions against hate, wanting to rid the country of the freedom to speak derogatorily about minorities...we have matthew shepard's mom and coalitions against hate wanting to pass a "hate crimes" act, which (no matter how they deny it) favors the oppressed by, putting it awkwardly, oppressing the oppressed's oppressors twice as much as the non-oppressed's oppressors are oppressed. nazism is alive in well in america's schools (hear the one about the kid who was expelled from school for writing a poem about murder?) and in america's heartlands...but this time it is not minorities who are being oppressed, it is the good, god-fearing people with the conservative ideals that this country was founded in. it's a work of spite, minorities are a work of spite, it's just ridiculous to even take them seriously.

the nazi propaganda ministry, directed by dr. joseph goebbels, took control of all forms of communication in germany: newspapers, magazines, books, public meetings, and rallies, art, music, movies, and radio. viewpoints in any way threatening to nazi beliefs or to the regime were censored or eliminated from all media.

my mom called cnn the 'clinton news network' for glorifying the pathological liar formerly known as bill clinton, in everything he did (or did not do). mtv, the mogul of our kids' (and the immature-at-hearts') lives, i heard had a big inauguration party for clinton in 1996, i assume, and nothing for bush in 2000. and it was not because the election of 2000 was so close between bush and gore...10 to 1, mtv's inauguration party for gore (if he won) would have been a thousand times more wild just because of the closeness, just because gore nonetheless came out on top. the nazi propaganda ministry is alive in the usa, they haven't managed to totally eliminate their opposers from the spotlight...but it's happening.

during the spring of 1933, nazi student organizations, professors, and librarians made up long lists of books they thought should not be read by germans because the authors' ideas were viewed by the nazis viewed as different from their own.

hmn, mark twain's two famous books, tom sawyer/huckleberry finn have been banned from schoools by the naacp (the national association for the advancement of crybabies' pride?) for being racist. the bible has been banned from schools for probably too many reasons to list but all most likely deeming the bible as "hate literature". tar beach, the book which won the 1992 coretta scott king illustrator award for its portrayal of minorities, has been banned for "stereotyping" blacks as eating fried chicken and watermelon. now, is it really a stereotype if it's true?!

*** at a press conference monday, american civil liberties union officials announced that the organization will go to court to defend a neo-nazi group's right to burn down aclu headquarters ***

you've got to stand for something or you'll fall for anything...and apparently, through their tolerant open minds, the aclu has!

all children had to join nazi youth organisations by 1939. the nazis realised that it was very important for them to win over children.

remind you of anything...homosexual in nature? how about the fact that before the gay agenda was widely accepted, sex education was heterosexual and taught at around age 13. nowadays, homosexual sex has been introduced into schools at the kindergarten level...because the nazis realized that it was very important for them to win over children.

hitler realised that if he could control what people read, looked at and listened to he could control people's ideas.

gay-rights groups most likely have realized the same thing. though their uproar over eminem probably did nothing to hinder his popularity. as for controlling what people read, well i know they have maipulated the holy bible so that it is more a holey bible, one that places utmost importance on lust by facilitating the notion that, though completely unproductive, gay sex is okay. the media is controlled by gay nazis, just turn on the tv or go out to a movie.

gosh, i think it's time to go to bed. i've had enough fun for one night. without even spamming anybody, mind you!

one more thing i just glanced at on the search page:

antifeminist books - feminist censorship of anti-feminist information

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