usually when fags see my site, their bleepers go off and paranoid insecurity sets in and makes them turn their problems around on me by saying that i am "self-loathing".

let's dissect this...

like it is possible for one not to embrace his addiction to alcohol with open arms and still love himself, it is possible for me not to respect my addiction to masculine images and still love myself.

the fact that gays think that my anti-gay website makes me "self-loathing," paints a revealing picture of just what they think justifies humanity - sexual pleasure.

gays everywhere, even a lot of straights, are apt to see anything that is anti-gay and subconsciously turn the other way out of fear of being labled 'bigoted' by this nation that has been subject to the gay agenda's manipulation of the media and of the education system.

so, in other words, i see right through q.

check out my site, , unless you're there now