living in this cluelessy apathetic pro-gay society of ours, i've come to realize a few things:

1) gays cannot comprehend humanity as anything but primitive. look at the importance they place on everything sexual, listen to the names they call homosexually-aroused men like me who have grown out of the pleasure principle and whose states of masculine self-sufficience dissuade them from "going the gay way": i've been called a 'self-hater,' a 'self-denier,' a 'conformist,' etc. this pro-gay society's primitiveness is pretty much justified in the age-old expression: "if it feels good, do it".

2) gays use pride as a defense-mechanism. there is one of their so-called 'pride-parades' somewhere in america, probably every weekend. nobody likes pride, nobody likes people who flaunt themselves in other peoples' faces - especially when a spiteful kind of anger against reality (ie, masculinity being a greater power than femininity, homosexuality being the unproductive and unnecessary sexuality, niggers being freaks-of-nature wrapped in the politically-correct guise of 'minority') is their motivation.

3) gays like to think that people are like computer-operated robots, that peoples' brains are actually hard-drives preinstalled with an operating system. gays don't like to think that peoples' "operating-systems" are programmed on-the-fly as they are living, gays don't like to think that peoples' "operating-systems" can be upgraded, for if these things were true (as they are) then gays would not be seen as a separate breed of humanity and therefore all the special rights they've manipulated so hard for would no longer be theirs.

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