i'm going to tell you why you should have anti-hillary notions. hillary clinton is pro-woman - this on the outside may seem righteous and all, but women and other minorities are the epitome of satan himself right here on earth. abortion and "womens' right to choose" may be the only wrong most can see simply because aborting a human being is an outright crime known as murder, but "womens' rights" and most everything pro-woman both go against everything god has laid out in his plan for humanity. masculinity and mankind as a whole is stronger, more able, more - i don't think this needs to be said. femininity and womankind as a whole is more nurturing, blah blah blah. look at the animals (who, by the way, have no pride to protect) - the females stay with their kids to nurse them. it's biological. stay-at-home moms are what god intended. he spits on stay-at-home dads like he spits on career-women. androgyny is of satan, god intended for there to be gender-roles, and homosexuality is evil if for no other reason than because it in itself shows absolutely no respect for gender-roles.

keep up on what the national organization of women is doing, just for a day or two, and you'll also agree that feminists are the angels of satan.

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