the more we're taught that our states-of-being were preconceived in the womb...
...the more we'll be open to the governing of every aspect of our lives

do you fear a governmental overthrow? do you realize that minorities are and have been making it happen through overcompensatory tactics like "gay rights" and "woman power"? first we have the legalization of abortion - overthrowing the concept of murder to suit feminists' egos by removing their names from the very institution of womanhood (aka, their own nurturing breasts, their own yielding vaginas). that softened peoples' hearts to the concept of people being "victimized" by the powers that be, by the powers that made them as powerless as they felt. then we have the liberal media and their careful orchestration of the widespread acceptence of homosexuality - overthrowing the concept of gender to suit gays' egos by making it "okay" to crossdress, to get a sex-change, to be male and find the man of your dreams in someone else. then we have the matt shepard sacrifice (woo hoo), and now we have judy shepard overthrowing the black-and-white concept of crime by advocating for diversity in punishment based on the kind of person the crime was committed against and on the perpetrator's motivation - more commonly known as 'hate crimes,' this is the essence of george orwell's thought police.

some people are a menace to society - not the aaron mckinney-types, but the judy shepard-types. what should we do? judy shepard has a fence-post in my backwoods with her name all over it!

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