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the homosexual activists have declared war on decency; trying to portray their lifestyle as 'normal' and 'acceptable. they have even tried to show that homosexuality is caused by a genetic factor, that is, they were born gay. in out magazine was published a statement that homosexuals want 'to make the entire planet gay'. other schemes include children's books such as "daddy's roommate" and "heather has two mommies". there are even valentine's day cards which say "lesbian love", which are intended for young girls.

the homosexual activists paint such a rosy picture of their lifestyle, and go to great lengths to promote it, as an ad agency would. however, this movement and it's agenda has motivations that are far more sinister than anything an ad agency could imagine. their agenda is world-wide, and already canada and most of europe have hate-speech laws. they have succeeded to put their message in every area of public life: the tv set. the classroom. the workplace. politics. popular music. not even the american church in some cases is immune. it is my intention that every person who reads this would be motivated not to hate but to action; that they may oppose this evil agenda and win america back.


gay marriage?

in 1996, gay rights activists have been hard at work in hawaii trying to legitimize gay marriages. any rational, thinking person needs to think about the implications this would have on the family. here we are a nation who once had sodomy laws in nearly every state and sodomy was taboo as recent as 30 years ago, now we are redefining all the social institutions. we need to ask ourselves, "where are we going and what are we becoming?". we have turned from becoming a thinking people, to being a people that lets others dictate their thoughts and values to us. fortunately, the hawaiian legislature had taken steps to keep homosexual marriage illegal.

in the 1998 elections, ballot initiatives to legalize same-sex marriages were introduced in both alaska and hawaii. in alaska, it was voted down by 68% of the vote; and in hawaii by 69% of the vote. these measures, if approved, would have been very disastrous. a similar measure was introduced in vermont and was made into law, despite supreme court appeals.

fortunately, the united states supreme court recognized states' rights to criminalize homosexual marriages. homosexuals would have otherwise flocked to these states, gotten married, and go back to their own states to demand their 'marriages' be recognized. by so voting, the people have prevented a near miss with a moral disaster for our nation, since sin is a reproach to any people.

in spite of this, a now defrocked pastor of an united methodist church in omaha by the name of jimmy creech had been performing mock wedding ceremonies, and the city of san francisco also sanctions such unions. the disney corporation, along with some others, now offer insurance benefits to live-in partners of homosexuals. in spite of the 1998 defeat of the homosexual agenda in the area of 'gay marraiges', the spirit of rebellion is alive and well the the hearts of the activists, who will stop at nothing to gain approval for the homosexual lifestyle.


impact on the church

another mark the homosexual activists have left on the society is the way they have re-defined the church. many denominations are now beginning to accept the homosexual lifestyle and a few have even ordained gay priests. these 'gay churches' in many cases have followed after the jesus seminar in essential doctrine and have redefined christ as a practicing homosexual. such churches say that jesus is an ordinary man empowered by the holy spirit, that there is no hell, that jesus rose from the grave as a 'concept' not a man and that god may be known in all religions.

there are three denominations which have ordained gay clergy (united methodist, united church of christ and the episcopal church). many others permit homosexual members. such churches have been influenced by gay rights organizations, the united nations and the world council of churches. they teach their members to appreciate diversity and to be tolerant of people with other lifestyles. it is commonly held that anyone who does not accept homosexuality is prejudiced and closed minded. sadly, many members of such churches have been influenced by what they see and hear in the media and have become worldly. they are of the laodicean church.

however, there is hope. of the churches that have become lukewarm, there are splinter groups now forming, who are working to bring their denominations back to traditional values. in addition to this pockets of revival are now in the land, as seen in promise-keepers, brownsville assembly of god, cbn and many, many others. god has not called us to become part of the world, he has called us out of the world, that we may be holy. therefore we, as a body, must 'get out from among them', since we are no longer of the world.


impact on education

the schools have been the target of pro-gay forces in recent years, inviting gay and lesbian leaders to speak in the name of aids awareness, but secretly indoctrinating our kids with their lifestyle. in every college and university campus, queer nation and act up are there proselytizing our kids and recruiting them into the gay lifestyle. then there is the parents and friends of lesbians and gays who get on the air and tell us "what would you do if it were your own son or daughter?" my response is not to send away the son or daughter who is involved in sin, but to gently show them that you do not approve of their lifestyle. we must take a stand against this perversion that has infiltrated every area of american life. to give our stamp of approval to it is in god's eyes to be a willing accomplice to and to sit in the counsel of the wicked.


gay genes?

the most popular myths about homosexuality today is what the pro-gay advocates would have us believe. take, for example, the myth of the gay gene. in spite of numerous studies which have appeared in the journal of the american medical association, the liberal establishment continues to sell us that same old line. they tell us homosexuals are born gay, but they chose to be gay.

the gay gene theory was devised by dr. dean hamer, a pathologist at the center for disease control who specializes in cancer research. according to his research, brain cells in a region of the brain called the hypothalamus were smaller in homosexual males than in heterosexual ones, indicating a 'possible genetic link to homosexuality.' however, no such gene has ever been found, and even hamer's own research admits there is no proof to substantiate his theory.

hamer is under investigation by the council of research integrity for fraudulent research methods. he himself is a practicing homosexual, which slanted his research. the homosexual activists, however, continue to push the 'gay gene' lie. they aim to have homosexuals classified as a minority, giving them minority protection under existing civil rights legislation.


the 10% myth

the notion that 10% of the population is born gay originated from the kinsey report. however, the numbers collected from that study were slanted, since only convicted felons and prostitutes were used. countless other studies done seem to disprove kinsey's findings and place the percentage at only 3-4%.

those who say that 10% of the population is gay are assuming that homosexuality is a cultural norm. historically, however, this is not the case. from the history of the great civilizations of the world, we know that there were times when homosexuality was more prevalent than others. also, some cultures tolerated homosexuality, but most did not.


the liberal media

then, of course, there are willing accomplices in the media. at workshops all around america, homosexual activists tell their peers that they can go into any newspaper in america and they will print whatever they want them to. media bias in favor of homosexuals and against christians has increased and the attacks more vicious. at first, it was the name calling (i.e. homophobe, gay basher, nazi, etc.) now they make the claim they're the ones who are normal and the average citizen is not. interesting.

nowhere is this more visible than on prime time television. on abc alone, there had been 28 prime-time homosexual characters in sitcoms. one show, ellen, had a 'coming out' episode in which she announced that she is gay over the airport pa system. the show's ratings skyrocketed as 38 million viewers watched. however, in the months to come, the show averaged as low as 11.9 million viewers and was pulled for a period of six weeks in 1998. within six month of the coming out episode, ellen was taken off the air. the star of the show, ellen degeneres, then accused ceo michael eisner of caving in to political pressure.

another show that had pushed the envelope is roseanne. in a 1994 episode, roseanne kisses a lesbian character played by mariel hemmingway. two years later, two homosexual men get married. the abc network is owned by disney, and the producer of the abc show home improvement was approached to discuss having a homosexual couple move in next door; to which the director refused. home improvement continues to be one of abc's strong shows.

in addition to television, homosexuality has permeated to other areas of entertainment as well, with singers like melissa ethridge and k.d. lang. the tabloids are now full of celebrities who are now 'coming out' celebrities like cybil sheppard and rosie o'donnel. more and more frequently, the movies also contain homosexual characters. the gay rights activists know the best way to control the masses is by repeating a message over and over again. after all, it worked for hitler. more about controlling the masses in my censorship page.


homosexual activism

there are many groups out there trying to convince us that homosexuality is healthy, normal, and something that is to be celebrated. they are quick to compare the supposed 'plight' of homosexuals to that of the black slaves. they invent words like "homophobe", "extremist" or "fundamentalist" to use as intellectual ammo against all those who resist their efforts. the following are a few of many such groups:

rainbow coalition this group, headed up by jessie jackson, champions itself as a defender of all minority groups, including homosexuals.

act up a coalition of homosexual activists who do things like indoctrinate college kids, lobbying activity, picket churches and hold parades in the street under the guise of aids awareness.

lamda lamda lambda a homosexual fraternity.

hollywood supports: a coalition of homosexual activists working behind the scenes to promote homosexuality in movie, films and music. the leaders of this group have closed shop, saying their work is finished.

parents and friends of gays and lesbians an advocacy group consisting of, well, friends and family of homosexuals and lesbians.

gay and lesbian alliance against defamation another political activist group.

in light of these organizations many corporations have jumped on the bandwagon:

the disney corporation hosts gay pride day at disney world, with gay men groping each other in pubic. also offers insurance benefits to 'same sex couples.

at&t has mandatory 'diversity training' for employees, insurance benefits for homosexual partners and gives to homosexual causes.

ibm involved in gay rights advocacy and offers 'sensitivity training'.

united airlines gives discounts to homosexuals.

even the federal bureaucracy has got in on the action, at your expense.

national endowment of the arts funds homosexual art and pornographic movies with public money.

american civil liberties union engages in court-room activism, and has been very aggressively promoting the homosexual agenda.

national education association the largest and most feared lobby group in washington dc, the nea develops curriculum that is 'gender inclusive' and advocates for the teaching of tolerance of homosexuality.

aids awareness taskforce gives cdc money to homosexual activists to promote their agenda in schools.

internal revenue service provides 'sensitivity training' for employees, and audits organizations who oppose the homosexual agenda.


hate speech laws

one of the most intimidating and effective vices used by homosexual activists today is coming by the way of political activism. they are lobbying to pass the hate crimes prevention act, which would make violent crimes against homosexuals a federal crime, and subject to to federal prosecution. however, the hate crimes prevention act, many feel, is a springboard to something far more sinister than just violent acts, but also 'hate speech'. the text of the hate crimes prevention act can be found on the thomas server.

recently, the family research council, the american family association, focus on the family and others have ran full page ads meant to convey the message that homosexuality is something one can come out of. as a result, they have been blasted in the media for their 'homophobia' and for 'fostering an atmosphere of hate'. of the ads, joan garry of glaad said:

"when you get right down to it, these groups are showing their hand to the entire country and their message isn't really about 'hope' or 'healing' or 'understanding,' but rather, about intolerance, deception and moral bankruptcy."

the shameless depths these homosexual activists are willing to go to can best be illustrated with the matthew sheppard incident. here was a man that was the subject of a brutal robbery, who happened to be a homosexual, who died as the result of beatings and whom the homosexual elite and the liberal media made into a martyr. in spite of pleas from his parents not to make their son into a martyr, the homosexual activists used this tragedy to sway the masses. they attempted to ram the before mentioned hate crimes prevention act, and to blame the religious right for his death.

elizabeth birch of the human rights campaign said of the incident:

"these kinds of violent acts and i've got to tell you it will be a long time before anybody in the gay community or anyone in this country forgets the image of this very gentle young man strapped to a fence, burned and beaten and battered. and he was much like almost like a trophy animal, strung up there for 18 hours. and it's caused a great deal of sadness and grieving and mourning in the gay community. and these kinds of crimes never happen in a vacuum. they happen because people's minds have been twisted with cruel stereotypes about gay and lesbian people. and this ad campaign has been pumped out all summer presenting gay and lesbian people as defective, as [being] less than [others], as not fully human. and young matthew shepard made one mistake, and that's that he happened to fall into the path of someone that had been fed this rhetoric and [it] came at him full of rage and hate."

the truth is, the perpetrators are a couple of troublemakers who are also high-school dropouts. the leader, aaron mckinney was out on $2500 bail for robbing a kentucky fried chicken store. after the shepard incident, mckinney and henderson were involved in an assault on two hispanic men and assaulted a kid walking down the street. in fact, he has a long history of assaults and is known for his violence and temper. the primary motivation for doing what these men did was not his sexual orientation, but to get his money. according to the court documents, they obtained his address and robbed his possessions. though the media is quick to pass the buck to the likes of gary bauer and dr. james dobson, it must be understood that the fault lies entirely on aaron mckinney and russell henderson.

to make matters worse, the westboro baptist church of topeka, kansas showed up to picket his funeral. though the media has cast the christian right into the same light as these individuals, it should be pointed out that several fundamental differences exist. first of all, the westboro baptist church is an independent church which is unaffiliated with the southern baptists or any other baptist denomination. this is a group which show up at funerals and 'gay pride' parades and bear plaques which say "god hates fags" and "homosexuals have two rights: aids and hell". they do this because they believe that god has disowned homosexuals and that it is their god-given mandate to hate homosexuals.

though they hate homosexuals, they also denounce the religious right. in their faq file, they call the religious right "modern-day pharisees and bible whores who spend 90% of their time bothering people who are preaching the gospel". on another page, they wrote that the southern baptists and the assemblies of god are just as guilty as 'fag-churches' are because they allowed the homosexuals to take over. in fact, they have also picketed jerry falwell and billy graham, saying that they are sympathizers to homosexuals. as you can see, the contrast between the christian right and the westboro baptists is like night and day.

so how have the leaders within the christian right responded to violence against homosexuals? whenever there has been violence; whether against homosexuals, abortionists or against people of faith, they have condemned the violence. contrary to what has been said on the today show or any other news program, these men are not guilty of promoting violence against anyone at all.

one of the most visible was dr. james dobson. he recently stated denounced the violence on the today show and larry king live. this is the focus on the family statement:

"in light of the increasingly volatile nature of the public debate on homosexuality, focus on the family calls upon all christians, and indeed, all citizens to recognize that moral opposition is not a license to engage in any form of slander, harassment or violence against those with whom we disagree. morally and legally speaking, a crime against a homosexual is no less a crime against humanity, and deserves to be punished to the full extent of the law."

randy tate, or the christian coalition, stated:

"christian coalition and people of faith throughout the nation condemn in the strongest terms the vicious and barbaric attack on matthew shepard which resulted in his death last night. those who committed this murder must be dealt with swiftly by the criminal justice system. there should be zero toleration in a civilized society for people who commit such acts of senseless violence. in this country all murder is a hate crime."

bob knight of the family research council recently stated:

"although the motivation for the attack is unknown at this time, violently attacking a person is unconscionable, whatever the reason. it is indicative of a culture that has become inured to violence and has lost respect for the human person."

donald wildmon of the american family association said:

"what happened to matthew shepard is deplorable and we are pleased that the authorities took swift action to apprehend those responsible for his death. our hearts go out to the shepard family. i want to encourage all subscribers to the afa action alert to drop the shepard family a note of condolence. you can send the shepard family a note through the poudre valley hospital where matthew shepard died."

the homosexual activists have charged the christian right with fostering hatred against homosexuals, whereas the leaders within the christian right have always spoken out against violence, whether it be against homosexuals, abortionists or persecuted people of faith around the world. but yet, these activists have equated social disapproval of homosexuality with hatred, and compared the right with the nazis. they and the media are deliberately misrepresenting the facts in order to bring about a paradigm shift. as i have already stated, canada and most of europe already have hate speech laws. will we sit in apathy and allow our legislators to re-define what is a 'hate crime'?


the christian response

this is only the beginning of the pitfalls of sodomy. gay rights activists keep telling us how great it is to be gay, but never tell us about the emotional harm it does to those who embrace it. not to mention that the bible says it is a sin, and those who live in sodomy are living under judgment. leviticus 18:22 says "you shall not lie with a man as one lies with a woman. this is detestable." the law demanded the death penalty for any israelite who practiced homosexuality. the only times when it was practiced in the land was when the land was full of idols.

contrary to what gay churches say, jesus never gave his stamp of approval to the homosexual lifestyle. jesus called sexual immorality evil. was sexual immorality merely adultery? the greek word for sexual immorality is porneia, which means all sex outside a marriage between a man and woman. paul addressed homosexuality and said it was the product of an unbelieving mind. (romans 1:20-28) he also said that homosexuals would be not inherit the kingdom of heaven and that men can come out of it. (1 corinthians 6:9-11)

there are many different ministries which are trying to get people out of homosexuality. one such ministry is project exodus, which runs halfway houses and other support services for homosexuals. there is also a group called parents and friends of ex-homosexuals, a support network for people trying to stay out of that lifestyle. the american family association runs sexual addiction workshops for all kinds of sexual addicts. others which are worthy of mention here is focus on the family, parents and friends of ex-homosexuals, narth, and homosexuals anonymous.

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