i found this on some gay bulletin board with the heading "prejudice beginning already":

washington post reports tonight that pepsi has been told to remove all of their machines and/or product prior to january 20, 2000. history indicates that dubya prefers "coke".

gays are so quick to point the prejudiced finger, it's like they are constantly looking for a fight and for any form of opposition. they apparently do not know the correct meaning of 'prejudice,' for a word like 'pre' meaning 'beforehand' coming before their international sign of distress - judgement - indicates that knowledge was not gained before making judgement. ten to one, dubya is aware of what both colas taste like.

this should wake you up to gays' intentions and motivations - they have given a bad name to anyone with discriminating tastes, they have given a bad name to anyone who, though knowledge, has an opinion against the institution of 'minority' (or the less popular), they are trying to make the world as apathetic as they can in order to advance their thrillseeking agendas which are much less apathetic to the insitution of id than they are to the welfare of society, gays are the biggest joke since the whoopie cushion! back

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