i haven't really been keeping up on the feminist side of satanism, only posting a feminist page now and then, but here is another feminist commentary page. the following is from feministcampus.org:

protest sexist ad aired on msnbc/cnn: during one of the most historic court cases in us election history, msnbc and cnn ran an ad for a bumper sticker reading "hey al, take it like a man"

you wonder why, as non-violent and lovey-dovey as i am, my writings at times portray me to be so nasty. this is why, feminists are a bunch of full-time whiners. i had to read the above text twice before realizing what the hell feminists were complaining about. what the fuck was the bumper sticker supposed to say, "hey al, take it like a woman"?!!!

this exemplifies just why feminists are full-fledged satanists, because they want to rid the world of the godfounded reality of gender-roles! whoever protests nowadays is satanic in their causes, for the longer we live it is only human that we get further from god and closer to satanic "humanism". men are stronger than women, and that ad (which suggested that strength was in masculinity) made the insanely paranoid feminists feel overlooked and therefore made them cross their legs and cry "discrimination" at the top of their lungs.

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