to: all offended runts
re: stand(ing) for the gay bashers' wills (now hate gore)

i don't mean to not answer your emails, even the "friendly" ones, but i take enough of the gay mentality from my roommate. god is anti-gay, for your information, as he is anti-lust. as he is anti-pride. lust and pride are two of the ten deadly sins. and two of the characteristics gays harbor most.

the website is not totally about god's hatred of homosexuality, as my slogan is " forever exposing the lies that are the backbone of the gay agenda". do you know what gays are doing to schoolchildren? kids learn about homosexuality as early as kindergarten, which can only mean that lust and self-pleasure are being marketed to kids as wholesome and righteous. they are taught of 'fisting' which is sticking your fist up someone's poop chute, the gay agenda is satanic in its causes and must be stopped. people must see it for what it is and gays for what they are. gays are a bunch of satanic thrillseekers, and i am not going to just "fade into the woodwork" to be seen as righteous to the world if it means turning into a satanist or getting a microchip put inside me.

i am not preaching "hate," as you and the pro-gay whiners of the world want to believe, simply because i have an opinion against gays. it's the same if i had an opinion against drunkards, if i had a website called anti-lush would you tell me to stop hating alcoholics?

god is anti-lust, god even considers unmarried heterosexual sex a sin. the thing is, god created sex to serve a purpose - procreation. as one of the t-shirts i made says, "two schlongs don't make a tike". two schlongs can't make a tike. two schlongs is against nature. i take a firm stance against homosexuality, i take a firm stance against feminism, i take a firm stance on all the whiners of the world who want to be set apart as different (with a 'hate crimes' bill, which would only say that some peoples' lives are worth more than others and some killers should get a stiffer penalty for killing gays than the ones who kill joe schmoe) or the whiners of the world who want to be seen as pure when their behavior is just the opposite.

homosexuality is anti-christ, homosexuality is unintended, read your bible. feminism is anti-christ, read your bible. you have no argument if your arguement is biblical. if homosexuality was intended, it wouldn't all be a matter of lust. if homosexuality was intended, there'd be a point to gay sex as there is to straight sex. if homosexuality and feminism were intended, they would not be "dissed" by god's word or by nature.

don't you watch the news, can't you see what is happening in the world? go to my site and educate yourself, between all the insults and the "hatred" there are cases in point. the site was not created to be a gay basher's palace, it was created to point out the lies that gays are instilling into the general public and it was created to - yes, offend people. not for no reason, though, homosexuality is just plain wrong and maybe people will learn from the reasons why they were offended. once their facades of pride have whittled down, that is. homosexuality is wrong both in god's eyes and in open eyes. my eyes have been opened, and it is my duty to spread the word and the anti-gay truth. now close your mouth cuz you're cold busted!

check out my site, , unless you're there now