a personal thank you note to the divas: madonna, alanis, melissa, cher, k.d, elton (confused diva), and all the rest:

all of you have played an instrumental part in the marketing of this website. my mp3 collection is over 4500, and each one of my mp3s has a 'www.anti-gay.com - you'll laugh your ass off' preceding the name of the song. each one of my mp3s does not show the title and author of the song in the title/author space of an mp3 player, instead it says something like 'i parodied this and 100+ songs at www.jaggedlittledyl.com'.

with 4500 mp3 files, i get at the very least 5 people an hour making it to the frameset of the site. i wanted gays to get a good look at it especially, so i downloaded as many songs sung by queer divas as i could. here's to you, alanis, you were presumably happy to get me offline once...but now your anti-christ labors are promoting my anti-gay, anti-woman labors. we could have had something, lady, we almost share the same birthday.

madonna, having age and experience (not to mention something reminiscent of maturity) over ms. morissette, you're admiring me, eh? you're dumbfounded, you'd kiss me if i was in your bedroom. i bet you'd even let me have a crack at guy! seriously, if tomorrow is the end of napster...thank you for helping me promote my site. 2/11/01

check out my site, www.jaggedlittledyl.com , unless you're there now