why should the head of a company have free will to fire employees, regardless of reasons why?
because it's his company!!!

why isn't it a question of the best man for the job, if diversity is regulated in the workplace?
because the dyke niglet woman got hired just to add color!!!

why should a gay 'man' stay in the closet, if he wants to be a teacher and a role model for kids?
because he is lost
as a man, he himself needs a role model each night!!!

why should a gay 'man' who wants to be in the army either turn straight or give up the dream?
because "be all you can be, just not all the man you need" is voided!!!

where did the united states' ten best car salesmen learn their techniques?
at a gay pride parade!!! (sell it, sell it, sell it!!!)

why do fags dismiss any opposition to homosexuality as "homophobic"?
because it makes them feel superior, labeling opposers as 'afraid'!!!

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