i found a good site for the low-down on the whiners of the world, www.warroom.com. you may wonder where all the hatred i have of minorities comes from, if you didn't read much of this website and all the commentary on the propaganda being force-fed to the righteous in an effort to promote the satanists (or democrats)...take a look at this stuff...

white house animal gay gun abortion school waco racial hillary gore middle east crisis rumors of war the ragepage

yes, this is the fuel for my fire. this is why i appear so angry in my writings, it's a good thing i am head-injured, if i wasn't then i would remember everything i learn about minorities' agendas and most likely do some kind of harm to their pitious existences.

one other thing i got from the warroom, is that part of the gay agenda is to expose innocent youths to as much sexuality as the law will allow. did you hear the one about the coloring books? turns out that gays are giving five year-old schoolchildren coloring books for their time in school. "what's wrong with coloring books," i hear you query, "what's wrong with coloring pictures of birds and trees?"...how about coloring a vagina? yup, that's what the gay agenda is doing. coloring pictures of a vagina.

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