the reason people should feel lots of remorse about tying gays to secluded fence-posts, torturing them and murdering them is that 1) gays are weak creatures who label what they do as who they are, which in turn labels people who oppose homosexuality as bigots who oppose and oppress people. and therefore gays are runts who deserve sympathy because they don't know better. so...don't murder gays!

gays deserve to live, murder should not be legal when gays are the ones who are being murdered, men who close their minds and crave other men are not selfish, gays are not a bunch of low-esteemed satanic manipulators who get our schools to teach lust (or homosexual sex) just to spite that which is necessary to the existence of people (heterosexual sex). gays are not hellish people who will go to any extreme to make life cater to their fantasies of homosexual righteousness, although they are known for altering the conventional definition of 'family' to suit their infertile lustlives (did you hear about the loving lesbians who used anonymous mens' sperm to produce a baby and call it their own, how about the 'man' who had a fetus implanted in his body?) don't murder gays!

institutions with power that back gays (the aclu, the supreme court, etc) should not be bombed much like the bombing of okc. everyone who supports gays should be permitted to live in god's country. gays are not satanic rebels against truth, justice when it comes to anti-gay freedoms, and the american way (although their 'new world order' is living proof of that). so, do me a favor...don't murder gays!! back

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