a so-called 'prophet' speaks of the "unofficial eleventh commandment"

"(christians) are not content to know that god loves them. they are not content to live according to the general rules laid out in the other ten commandments (well nine... i'm sure through some other prophet such as i, god invalidated the one about the sabbath). they are not content to seek god as a parent who blesses them unconditionally. instead they seek his daily will in each decision of their lives, hoping they have been diligent and intelligent enough to correctly interpret what that is so god will make them happy. they understand that unless they know and follow god's will in each area of their lives, they cannot possibly please god enough to obtain his blessing."

the sabbath comment leads me to believe that he is ridiculing christians who don't go to church every sunday like they've no right to be slightly imperfect in the eyes of the lord...or that he is assuming that god's expectations of his people change as his people stray away. the main focus of the paragraph leads me to believe that he's never had a dog. apparently he feels that by continually slapping a dog in the face he will continually receive unconditional love from that dog, who therefore will continually want to be around him for all eternity. heh.

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