i just read an article in the paper from selfish slut down south. she was complaining about people who are anti-abortion, 'i'm sure none of them will want to be the babies' mommy, but they're trying to force someone to do the work they themselves are incapable of".

get a fucking life, eh? why should they take the babies in when irresponsible people like you are the ones who the babies belong to?! maybe it's better the babies are dead, with goo-goo people like you for parents i'd hate to see the "adults" they'd grow up to be.

adulthood is part about self-control which your libido knows not of, responsibility is part about studying the implications before one chooses to do anything, and maturity is part about being over the will of id.

an adjective i like to use to describe people like this whorebag is blind.

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