now i have never been a drug addict or an alcoholic, but i am quite sure i know about addiction. and i am quite sure sexual addiction is being marketed in the media as..."human nature". i guess few sex addicts view themselves as having a problem because masturbation is all local and because we all believe that "it's okay to do anything i want to my mcbody". but why do you look down upon alcoholics and why do you report coke addicts to the cops, if you're out there celebrating the fact that you're just as dependent, abusive even.

"humans are sexual creatures," usually pro-gay's way of justifying the abuse of everything sexual. again, it's all local, i'm sure most people can't even draw the slighest parallel when thinking of alcohol abusers and their own overactive sex/masturbatory lives. truth is, they've got problems.

last night i was all ready to give in to my id and go to the truck stop and get me some dick, but then the phone rang. so after ten minutes i hung up and my mind was no longer focused on 'me'. so i got on my bed and rubbed off, and everything was alright. i was thankful i rubbed off instead of soliciting sex at a truck stop because after i came, it was over. "that was easy," i said as i stood up and sent a check for the overdue bill i found on the floor.

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