thanks but no thanks. today i went to a famous trade school for automotive technology to see if i wanted to attend (i don't want to have to pay out the wazoo for other people to fix the problems that arise out of my negligence to my auto). i had much apprehension after learning that the whole course would take a year to complete, i don't have that kind of - okay, so maybe i do have that kind of time, i don't want to be bound to be in the same place 4 days a week. well, the female i met with wouldn't take "i need to think about this" for an answer after she gave me the tour and all, though she relentlessly repeated the words: "i am not all about getting butts in the seats, i want students who are positive that they want this". "why go an hour back home and have to come here again to register, if you can do it all today," she said almost in the next breath. so, i finally agreed to make an appointment to come in and register...anything to get me out of her greedy clutches! i won't call to let her know i won't show.

during the tour, it was comforting to see only one girl (and i stress "girl") out of about 30 students, not for gay reasons...for masculine reasons - the class would be a place to bond and to facilitate the growth of my stunted masculinity. i just feel sorry for the girl (she drove a full-size bronco as she bid the men goodbye like they were her comrades), because the odds are that she's either gonna become a lesbian or marry a man who's masculinity has not fully bloomed.

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