i guess it's some new maridon't carey video, at least one i haven't seen before. maridon't and her "friend" (people who don't care can't have true friends...only like-minded comrades) were in a movie theater, sitting three or four rows behind some guy. the two plastic women were constantly throwing popcorn and/or candy at the movie screen and some kept falling onto the guy. so eventually, he got mad and threw three or four handfuls of popcorn at them. then, at the end of the movie, maridon't comes up to him and sits down next to him all smiley and flirty, so the guy gets excited. and she proceeds to pour her soda on the guy.

so, in effect, what maridon't is preaching to the youth of today is nothing more than faggot values. you know, "live how ya want and if anyone gets in your way, bash 'em". by the way, that was a quote i remember seeing in some gay ol m4m guy's profile. so it is indeed a faggot's mentality.

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