when you think about it, so-called 'women' are the only ones who get off on the so-called 'battle of the sexes'. why shouldn't they, women are unarguably weaker and less competent than men when it comes to physical ability, to equal or surpass men in anything physical would be such a good thing for feminists or any other female who is ashamed of what the institution of femininity stands for and has stood for since the beginning of time.

but femininity is getting "stronger" by the minute, with the clintons and other spiteful minority-backers turning reality into one big pity party by passing a plethora of anti-discrimination laws and what have you. so, there's an ego boost for 'em, life must be horrible for them without big brother to intimidate females' intimidators and make 'em run and hide.

reminds me of a t-shirt i thought of.
"little miss violator went to war and came back pregnant"

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