i went over mr. langley's house to visit with him, and the phone rang as i was making myself a peanut butter sandwich. he was busy fixing the kitchen sink so he let the answering machine take the call. some woman-child was calling, she seemed chiipper enough, but my impression of her was all shot to shit by the end of her message.

"hi, i'm singing for gregg and marsha's wedding, and i was wondering when it'd be convenient for you...(an abnormal pause here)...and me to get together and rehearse!"

ha, don't be too insecure now. or paranoid. can't be calling a man you don't know with a request of his services without explicitly pointing out the facts that...yes you are competent, and yes it will be somewhat difficult to accomodate him into your schedule.

the only 'battle of the sexes' is of the spite ringing loudly in the backs of womens' minds.

(okay, so the names and the situations are fabricated. the quote isn't.)

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