well, i was having a long "conversation" over the internet with (yet another) sorry excuse for a man. "sex is not love, but it's a biproduct of love," he said. yeah, he spelled byproduct like he is a byproduct of sexuality.

"i don't wanna turn you into anything. i want you to be accepting and happy with what you are."
(why does gay self-love always include cherishing one's sexuality like it is divine and infallable?)
(why is it taught that people are prisoners? "be happy with what you are, you can't change!!!")

he was a true masculine insufficiency, he wholeheartedly admitted to needing another person "by his side," he said that grown men are really nothing but "educated and refined newborns," when i said he sounded like a leech then he likened all lovers to leeches. he said love is to feel a physical pain if one's boyfriend if not around.

everything pro-gay is satanic. everything pro-gay is excel-a-phobic. "don't be your man, need a man!" gays and other minorities are nothing more than their own personal states of minority!!!

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