loser: hold on for a sec, i have to get my tea...
(just one of the girls)
loser: ok, i'm back, i was just saying hi
me: well, hi back, mister!
loser: i'm too young to be a mister
me: oh, are you a little boy?
loser: no, not little but young.
me: oh, sorry for giving you respect and treating you like a man
loser: no, i didn't mean it that way. (i don't answer) green eyes is a sign of inteligence you know
me: so is spelling 'intelligence' right, you know
loser: i never said i was a genious
me: i know, hell, you're on gay o l god knows how many hours
loser: hey, i was just being polite, if you want a bitch fight then i'm not interested
me: yessir, a bona fide faggot. no man would call another man a bitch.
loser: how about fucking cunt?
me: you speak like femininity is part of you. emotional sex changes are always nice.

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