another pathetic attempt at androgynous equalization. this time it was a commercial featuring a thirty-something year-old man gabbing and giggling away on the telephone to his buddy about his fishing trip, as his self-assured wife was explaining how the change to a new long-distance plan is saving them a whole bunch of money.

does anybody realize just what the media is trying to do? does anybody realize just how satanic pop life is? god made two sexes, satan rebels against everything god wants, therefore androgyny is satanic. therefore sexual equality is satanic. and who better equates androgyny with evil, than somebody like marilyn manson?

confusion is satan's game. "be male, be female, just be," ck preaches to the youth of the world in an effort to keep them from growing and keep them naive and 'trying new things' for as long as they can. "doowutchyalike," is the attitude they share with (digital underground?) everything pro-gay and pro-nineties. and anti-christ. their trying to disprove the existence of god is a classic case of adolescentile is the "different is good" campaign. how real is your 'different' if you're making a conscious effort to be different? grow up.

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