nobody's holding a gun to your head, the only one who would is id and he is incapable. i hear billy singing...

"and some might have learned to adjust, q mens' lives are but a matter of lust"

sure, i'm sure you've got plenty of demons holding their guns to your head, whispering in your ear, "doowutchalike, doowutchalike, you're living a lie if you don't," but i guess that's to be expected from a society of pro-gay "thrill is life" type "mentors" in the classroom.

i know i can choose to have sex and when to have sex, i know i am at risk of not being seen as "cool" by the young (and the child at heart) if i go two weeks without sex, and i know that delusions of masculine grandeur are the only things that can tell any man he's "gay". "gay" and "straight" are really only matters of lust, of id. the real question here is, "are you anything more than your libido?"

are you man enough to be your man? even in the face of hot mantasies?

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