apparently, this is the point-of-view of women who are in favor of partial-birth abortions:

"heck, it's crying anyway"

badum-bum. seriously, ever hear that song by ub40 - "just because you can't see it, doesn't mean it isn't there"? think you oughtta grow up?

i'd draw a picture of a woman lying naked on the ground with a stake through her heart, her breasts in a blender next to her, a fire extinguisher shoved up her cunt and her eyeballs hanging out of her sockets...but i don't have a graphics tablet. well, i had one, but it had no precision so i threw it away. or maybe it's in the basement. perhaps is a better word. perhaps it's in the basement. another reason i won't draw that beautiful picture, is that i can't draw for peanuts.

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