looks can be deceiving

i went into a gay o l m4m chat room one night and i started "chatting" with a very nice-looking young man. "this man is grounded," i thought, "he may lust for men, but this man has a man in his heart". so i called him, i needed to talk to him, i had finally found a wavelength...so i thought.

i was very complimented to learn that he found me very attractive, pleased to learn that he recently freed his mind enough to date someone not of his own gender, but just hearing his way...his attention to horoscopes and his closest friends being females, his discussing male love interests with his sister and the pride his mother had regarding his chest hair...it was just too much for me. i was so tempted to just hang up on him. or at least call him a masculivoid.

alas, i did neither.

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