"diamonds are a girl's best friend...chat with other female athletes"

this line was next to a picture of a foot on a base, on some ad on gay o l. all that's really being said there is that the notion of female athletes is just a novelty, that we're giving special attention to females who are actually able to do something. i mean, can you imagine if you saw an ad "chat with other male athletes" or "chat with other male construction workers" even?

if the "womens' lib" movement was anything but an outright lie, don't you think women would have been "liberated" from the beginning of time? if strength and ability and "equality" was not placed in their hearts by the media, the roles that spiteful feminists are trying to do away with would never have come into existence in the first place. because their hearts only brought it upon themselves, before there was a "media" people did what came naturally. before there was a "media," there was little sexual confusion to speak of and men were men as women were women.

we're all living in a "reality" that's been tainted by writers/portrayers of fiction.

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