"when you said that line, didn't you love yourself?"

i was watching an interview between the fat fat fat black talk-show host and gwyneth paltrow or whatever her name is, oprah commented on some line that gwen had, this is exactly what she said. "didn't you love yourself when you said that," obviously oprah - the giant advocate for self-love and self-respect - has no fucking clue what self-love is. or what acting is, for that matter.

self-love, like admission into heaven, does not come with actions. actions of esteem are not born of self-love, no matter how much you may march for your pathetic little selves. loving yourself does not mean to 'ignore all and please your wants,' unless you're a little priss who feels she can't be wrong. self-love is not sporadic, contrary to the implications of oprah's comment. self-love is not self-righteousness. self-love is not a feeling of eternal shamelessness or eternal guiltlessness. that, my friend, is self-infatuation. and that, my friends, is the product of a bloated head.


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