get a life, man, the adventures in babysitting babysitter's brother's famous organization do something is out to - and i quote - "debunk the myths about young people". what myths are you speaking of, andy, the ones that say young peoples' lack of experience deems them 'barely competent' next to the dreaded grown-ups of the world that have 'been there' and 'done that' ten times over?

or the ones that are promoted by pepsi-cola, mtv and every last "cool" media giant? you know, the ones that ultimately place a big scarlet t on the chests of youths and young adults everywhere who are more than happy to continue having fun and thrillseeking til their hearts' content? ejaculate, giggle, clap.

let's meet in reality, just because these things aren't so hot.

no offense, mr. shue, after all you are a hell of a lot more attractive than i am. and if i ever lose my faith in myself, i'd want you to be the only man for me. so, no hard feelings, eh?

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