here's an email i received from a potential "lover"

hi again dj, i think that's cool, that you aren't interested in "sex, sex sex"! i would like to hang for a while & see what happens, after all, until we meet,we won't know whether we click with each other. apparently, he assumes i'd be interested in "sex sex sex" if we "click"ed i'm a pretty laid-back, easy going kinda guy,just so you know ahead of time,my essential make-up (no! i don't wear make-up[lol]). you've a sad wit; u oughta thank god you're not more in touch...else you wouldn't even be able to make youself laugh. i might as well tell you also (sometimes), i have a weird sense of humor. hope you can deal with that. if not i can always tone-down a bit (rofl). just so full of himself. respond if you still want to. hope to from you soon.

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