i just was scanning gay websites, looking for hairy man avi movies to download at breakneck speeds with my cable modem, and i ran into something on a search engine speaking of the gay and lesbian music awards.

give it up, children, either you've accepted yourselves as human and therefore "equal," or you're outcasts needing your own awards shows. you are all a bunch of ignorant morons, now i'm remembering a quote i saw on a gay o l member profile: "my dad said to me, 'are you sure you're not gay because it's the 'cool' thing to be?". the child was ridiculing his father for saying such a thing, but the truth is that more people aren't coming out of the closet nowadays. there are just more people following their id because they're told they're "living a lie" if they choose to strive to improve on themselves rather than remaining eternally "young," eternally uncultured, eternally adolescent.

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