am i am extremist? do you believe in god? do you believe that god is more extremist or apathetic? in the words of that aaron guy, "you've got to stand for something or you'll fall for anything". extremists stand for something and they don't change their minds like a bunch of big-breasted blondes.

and what about the so-called "lesbian avengers," why do you celebrate them? because minorites have the so-called 'right' to be extremists? because their fickle 'pride' must be saved at all costs?

these pages are my viewpoints. jesus is the only one who is perfect, i am human and therefore i can't help but feel a seething hate for a person who celebrates homosexuality, instead of just hating the sin. hell, fuck all of 'em, faggots' hatred for real christianity and real life and reality in general is always shining through so i won't candy-coat my disgust.

i don't hate fags, i hate their self-importance, their selfishness, their blindedness. they think they're living a lie if they don't go out and celebrate the naivete they have of their own gender, they think they're living a lie if they don't let everyone know about their sexual preferences, they're all a bunch of voided nimrods who are turning life into one big sex-a-thon. that's all they seem to live for, sex. back

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