highlights from a newspaper article
gays' goo-goo "thrills" kill youth - another type of runt -and it's "capital murder"

two masculivoids, i read in a newspaper article, had bound a youth at his ankles, knees and wrists. when he stopped breathing, they called police, who asked about the duct tape around the boy's wrist. "we were just playing a game," the masculivoid said as he fought off the urge to put his thumb in his mouth.

they had gagged and blindfolded the boy, and raped him repeatedly with everything under the sun over a period of a few hours. "this is a very brutal and horrific crime, and we will be seeking the death penalty, ("waaaaaaaah!!")" an attorney said after a hearing. "our hearts go out to the victim's family. no one deserves to lose a child in this manner." (apparently, we penalize as a mark of vengeance)

each was charged with six counts of rape in addition to capital murder. it's a good thing the youth wasn't a grrrrl, can you imagine the implications?!

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