i was just watching some infomercial type thing, there was a fat lady bellyaching about all the poor hungry children in the world, children who don't get enough to eat because they were born into poverty, and at first my heart went out to their situation. but then i got thinking...

...wouldn't the parents be nimrods, to have brought a child into the world that they can't support?
...wouldn't the parents be children, to have seen the purpose of sex as solely a self-gratifier?
...wouldn't the parents be apathetic, to have not let the implications dissuade their 'whoopie'?
...wouldn't the parents be voided, to have been experimenting with and finally discovering sex ?

sure, i feel sympathy for the kids to have been born of such naivete...
...but the answer isn't for adults to take responsibility for expectant kiddies

we should get tough and lock 'em up for making us feed their children
that'll make both mister and little miss me think about being promiscuous

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