"although this passage does make the point that god was involved in the creation of this particular human being, it does not state that during the creation the fetus is indeed a full human person. according to genesis, god was involved in the creation of every living thing, and yet that doesn't make every living thing a full human person. in other words, just because god was involved in its creation, it does not mean terminating it is the same as murder. it's only murder if a full human person is destroyed."

i got this baloney (bologna?) from some website trying to justify the morality of abortion. "it's only murder if a full human person is destroyed," he says. in the preceding sentence, he wholeheartedly states that the fetus is a creation of god. apparently this guy thinks god plays by our rules, apparently he thinks god himself doesn't think that his creations are legit unless they develop into a living and breathing organism. picture him on judgement day, standing before god: "i may have killed your creation, but you can't send me to hell for murder because my country's laws say that fetus doesn't count!!!!"

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