"oh, let's go have fun at a party," he says. "all i wanna do is have some fun," she sings. it's like, "why are you so discontent as is?" sounds like you've got a problem with your life or an issue bordering on self-hatred.

it's like you always have to go external for it, why can't you keep yourself entertained, why do you need other people or taboo situations to keep your boat afloat? is "fun" built up in your mind as the end-all, be-all of human existence? it's pretty selfish too, living to keep 'me me me' happy.

is 'fun' a matter of acceptence? don't you think you should question why you are so dependent on other peoples' approval? leech.

is 'fun' a matter of ejaculate, giggle, clap? think you oughta grow up?

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