if there's one thing i've learned about queers, it's that they always must get the last word in if their facade of pride has been violated. one thing i remember was when i was imming a fagola on gay ol. i can't remember what i said, but it must have been powerful enough to tear him apart, because...i put him on 'ignore' so he couldn't im me anymore, and two minutes later i get an im from a screenname i've never seen before, in effect gloating the words: "nyah, nyah, it's me!".

once, a loser was always emailing me with forwarded words of fag-inspiration and i was so sick and tired of it. so one day he emails me with something like "since you haven't been writing to me, i'll assume you chickened out". chickened out on getting to know him and possibly meeting him, you bet! so i email him back, saying "ah, the queer mentality, when somebody doesn't want to be around you or otherwise hurts your "pride," save yourself by labeling them "scared" or "chicken" or "phobic". and mr. limited couldn't understand what the heck i was takling about: "you're twisted," he says. i was getting sick of emailing this masculivoid, so i just said "ha!". i thought that my lack of rebuttal would tell him that he won the battle and make him do a superiority dance. no, not quite, he emails me back with "aha!". so i just ended it. i don't know how long he would have continued with the "whatever you can do, i can do better," but i didn't want to find out.

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