wait a minute, sir, why are you moaning and growling? hell, you're just as pathetic as "football grrrrrrrl," trying to justify yourself as society's "aggressor". you've been ejaculating since you were 10, why are you shivering with anticipation? don't you know yourself, aren't you aware of what you can do and how it feels? cripes!

or, are you doing it to turn me on? ya know, so i'd think i'm with a "real man". that used to turn me on, i used to get my jollies out of shriveling up into something quite less than masculine and wallowing in "real mens'" presences with the words, "you're my hero". my eyes were open enough then to feel something like olive oyl, i didn't care because i was miserable being alone all the time, but now that i've had my moment to deliberate...i don't think me unworthy...and never do i feel uninvited.

if i did feel uninvited, however, i'm sure i'd go marching for my "pride" and shouting about my apathy towards society's refusal of me. but that's neither here nor there.

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