haven't you ever broken a habit?

i felt i was born a thumb-sucker, a yucky-tasting fluid my mom put over my thumb at night wouldn't stop me from sucking it, it didn't seem like anything would stop me from sucking it. i loved to suck my thumb, no yucky-tasting fluids would have stopped me!

pro-gay wants to ban doctors from using the same negative-reinforcement to battle homosexuality. to them, homosexuality isn't a bad habit, it isn't even a habit, it's a divine part of who you are! kiddies also get much enjoyment from sucking their thumbs, let's start a pro-thumbsucker revolution.

people who say they were born with certain habits are usually trying to justify their legitimacy; habits are learned, be that consciously or sub-consciously. the only way you can possibly feel incomplete without a man in your life would be by knowing what men can give you to make you feel complete, you live you learn, how the hell do you think you came out of the womb attracted to men when you didn't even know what in hell a man was when you were in there?!

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