you pathetic faggot types want special rights. all you pathetic states of minority are ridiculously pathetic, and soooooo stupid. a murder is a murder is a murder is a murder, but you want stiffer penalties if somebody murders a queerbait out of disgust for the life faggots choose to lead. "hate crimes" is faggot lingo, for a "hate crime" is a crime against the institution of "me me me," and is ridiculously selfish in nature. as are gays.

"hate crimes" is an infantile term, who the hell coined that one?! christ, can't you see right through it, it's got "me me me" written all over it! with your thumb in your mouth, though, the term really is quite becoming. you just don't wear diapers anymore.

"when does free speech go too far," was the title of a newspaper article i read, and can you guess what the answer was? to paraphrase i'll say, "free speech goes to far when it violates peoples' pride," isn't it pathetic? if your said "pride" is unstable enough to be violated, it's a facade. if your said "pride" is loud, haughty, angry, or spiteful, then it's a piece of wool for your eyes. get a life and some real pride with it.

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