i have a copy of the internet white pages that must be a few years old. wouldn't you think 'computers/internet' would be the heading with the most pages of listings? wrongo! queers have a t-shirt proclaiming the words: "we're everywhere!". holy complex, batman, it's no wonder 'they're everywhere,' they're marketing their personal states of 'me me me' like the first batman was marketed, like titanic was marketed, like ms in a casket was marketed. no, not poe, although they should have stuffed him into a bottle and thrown him out to sea anyway.

i'm not normally hateful, but faggots and dykes are so fucking full of themselves, it's impossible for me to just turn my head and let it go. it's like get a fucking life, heterosexuals may not have any complexes about the legitimacy of their sex lives because their way is undeniably necessary, but come on ya losers - take a hint, at least...i've heard you saying that 'there's nothing wrong with homosexuality,' but can you even fathom that there isn't anything right about it?! save for its ability to please your sexually voided and blinded little selves?

let's meet in reality just because these things aren't so hot

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