i was talking to a guy on gay o l in the m4m chat room, and as unimportant as it may be i thought i should include it on this site. he told me that he'd been going to grateful dead concerts since he was 12, he said his sister "took him along". that sure doesn't imply that only the two of them went, it implies that she brought a few of her friends. and it is not insane to think that her friends would be mostly, if not totally, female...as she was most probably an adolescent.

same thing happened to me, though i didn't go to see the dead, i was always hanging around with females. hence, i was justified female without even being female and therefore femininity "ain't got nothin on me". i was deprived true male bonds and true male justification, and that's why i am attracted to males.

we all had our reasons to be there

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