i was listening to the radio today and they were talking about the dead faggot in wyoming who died because he was trying to leech onto two real men who wouldn't stand for it. i heard that the sexual predator named matt wouldn't leave them be. it's good that he's dead, he was a pathetic excuse for a person, he was so needy and dependent upon sexual pleasure. nudity, nudity, nudity!!!

i heard that matt's parents asked the court not to give the real men the death penalty for killing their son, the semi-charmed kind of man. the courts were all ready to decide on the death penalty, but then they learned that the parents didn't want that...so the real men were sent to jail.

conclusion: the death penalty is not a matter of 'what does the killer deserve' as much as it is of 'what's the best way for us to get even,' if such a thing can happen. grow up, please.

get off your high horses, lethally-injected men may be outta your hair and their deaths may be good for your feeble female 'pride,' but we're all gonna die and we won't be able to remember life or miss life when our memories are dead...so your killing these men only "made them pay" in your eyes. you just gave them an easy way out of their semi-charmed kinds of lives. feeling stupid?

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