okay, here's a variation of the lyrics: "you breathe for sex, your life's a mess" and "but no queer mortal can resist upheaveled cum, the thriller!" and "but this is the prison that rants/raves 'me'"...not really a variation as much as an elaboration or a case-in-point.

i heard that schools nowadays are teaching kids how to masturbate. teaching kids of the human need to masturbate. funny, such an emphasis on sex and flesh and lust and the like...is finally able to rear its ugly head in the gay '90s.

these are my conclusions, nothing more:

gays are of satan.
gays celebrate flesh like peasents celebrate riches.
gays who don't repent will die and go to hell and burn for the rest of eternity.
gays are into self-gratification, living and breathing for sex, and their own selfish wants.
gays are naive sex addicts whose withdrawl would manifest itself into a serious case of depression.

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