people don't have sex because they're horny, people don't have sex because they're bored, people have sex because they're lost and they want to belong. the whole concept deserves sympathy, but when you hear the spiteful attitudes i've heard of sex fiends trying to defend their lifestyles...then you really feel like putting them out of their misery. when you hear them pulling the wool over their eyes and scorning reality, you can be put to shame if you're not strong in your beliefs.

sad thing about it is that "adults" and "mature" people are swallowing this shit. corrupting everybody who's either too lazy or too scared to look inside themselves and discover truth. friends are real, but "lovers" are really just sex life legitimizers. you don't use true friends, but you use your "lover" for sexual gratification. or for a sense of security, exemplified in this line of gay dialogue i read: "i need more than friends, i need someone to wake up next to every morning". get a life, eh, quit relying on others to get you through your semi-charmed kind of lives.

"don't cry for me, u s of a, the truth is i'm less pathetic"
"though you say denial is what i'm feeling, i say no preaching if teacher's leeching"

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