hey, thanks for seeking out other christian friends! (the devil in disguise says to me)

let me tell you a little about my beliefs before we get to any specifics. first of
all, i believe that jesus is my personal savior. for those of you who don't i
would be glad to share my beliefs, simply email me. secondly, i believe that
homosexuals are called to live monogamous, christ centered lives, not self
centered. (if you're going against the word, best kiss up to christ and pull the
finally, i would like to share my personal viewpoint on relationships
and dating. it has been my experience that true love grows out of knowing all of
someone. i simply don't believe in falling for looks or infatuation. i want to fall in
love with my future husbands spirit, because spiritual attraction is lasting. (where
has christ ever hinted at his approval of male-(dare i say 'man')-marrying-male?)
that is not to say that physical attraction is not an essential part of a relationship, i
just choose to emphasize spiritual attraction because i know just how human i

ok so know you know some of my beliefs. how about getting to know more
about me. well i am a 24 year old graduate student in the health sciences. i live
currently in mobile, alabama. i am close to my family and deeply value these
relationships. i am grateful to god for blessing me with such a loving family. (you
can say what you want, in the words of michael w. smith, "live the
i enjoy the beach, reading, walking for fitness, the movies, and exploring
history. i believe the best friends to make in this world are those with whom you
share your faith. ("faith" or "deceit") i hope one day to live in a community
where i will have a true church home. i believe reading the bible daily is an
essential part of any christian's growth. (butter him up some more)

what kind of life do i imagine with a future husband? (never did he give any
authorization for male to marry male)
i want one that will first and foremost
glorify god. if that element is present all the other pieces will fit together. i place
my trust in him! god bless you my friends! (satan fools the nat'on using
fools like the writer of this garbage)

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