quoth a divorce-monging feminist on "mike online"

"the laws and the bible were not written for today's world"
"(only) the ten commandments are eternal"

do you think you could get any blinder, any more anti-christ? "not written for today's world," of course they weren't, for today's world is satan's world. but what kind of christian are you if you give in to the world? not a very strong one, so either get real or stay the fuck out of christians' lives, whorebag!!!

i can't believe she claims to be a christian. if anything, she's a part-time christian, that's what most said "christians" are nowadays, part-time christians. they're all too focused on celebrating life to let god lead. and satan's alright with that, satan's happy people are compromising christ in the name of fun. in the name of their own wills. whoo hoo!!!

let's meet in reality, just because these things aren't so hot

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