"but you'll always be my baby," sing females like they're the protectors in the relationship.

how long before you give it up? how many times can you strike the facade? if ability really is suited to you, then why can't you keep quiet when you do?.

you know what i mean. "chat with other female athletes" on gay o l, "g.i. jane" in the theatres, it's like we have to market femininity as strong and able! it's like we have to do our best to shout about it and make people buy it! wake up, please, it's a lie! if you say no, then tell me why the best male jock of my high school lacked the ability to be accepted into the army when the worst female "jock" made it with flying colors. i've read many times that the requirements for acceptence differs between males and females, please lose this facade of equality.

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